Leading by Listening to Students’ Voices

Of all the traits of a strong school leader, one of the most important is listening to students. By addressing their concerns & suggestions, school leaders can build environment where students are seen & heard. That’s what we found when ED recently visited Western Branch Middle School in Chesapeake, VA to interview Principal S. Kambar […]

Community Violence Intervention: Equity and Justice for Every Student

by Loredana Valtierra Gun violence has become an all too common part of American school life. Yet the gun violence we often associate with schools, mass shootings that make headlines and capture the national psyche, are rare. While the possibility of mass shootings is a fear among educators, the reality is that many educators work […]

Mentoring Matters: The Critical Need for a Rural Leaders Network of Support

by Melissa A. Sadorf. Ed.D. Ten years ago I was hired by a rural school district in Arizona to serve as Superintendent. In my first year, I was learning the intricacies of the superintendency, was responsible for mentoring a first-year principal, and was learning the roles of Business Manager and Federal Grants Director. Nothing in […]

Advancing Sustainable Schools for All in North Carolina

by North Carolina Department of Public Instruction The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) welcomed U.S. Department of Education (ED) leadership including Deputy Secretary Cindy Marten, Senior Advisor to the Deputy Secretary Staci Monreal, and U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools (ED-GRS) Director Andrea Suarez Falken, to Raleigh on Oct. 19, as part […]

Building Back Together: Project SAFE Community Conversations Tour: NC and GA

by Deputy Secretary Cindy Marten  This past year-and-a-half challenged everyone on such a huge scale. And our students were among the hardest hit by the disruptions of the pandemic. Without in-person classes, Friday night football games, spring musicals, and so many other opportunities to develop deep and nurturing in-person relationships and make lasting memories in […]

Seeing Red: Now is the Time for Retention Incentives Not Retirement Incentives

by Joseph P. Masgai, Ed.D.  Of all the topics of conversation taking place in preparation for in-person learning none is more important than the topic of teacher and principal retention.  Throughout the month of June, I experienced what I can only call a “retirement party circuit” as I bid yet another colleague farewell after a multi-decade […]

Build Back Better for Latino Americans

Blog by Eloy Oakley, Senior Advisor  President Biden has a bold vision for the future of country in his Build Back Better agenda, and critical education investments like the free community college and advancing affordability proposals are about opening opportunity for all Americans. As we close out National Hispanic Heritage Month, it’s also a time to celebrate what these proposals would mean for Latino students trying to pursue a […]